Best Notebook For Language Learning

Best Notebook For Language Learning

This post is for you if you're frustrated on how hard it is to keep a language notebook organized while learning new vocabulary. We have a solution which is much better than a blank journal. We call it the "fill in the blanks notebook" and now we will introduce the structure of this product. 

language notebooks

Size: A4
Pages: 160 
Topics: 68
Words: 2500
Covers: for 440 languages (the content is the same) 

Maximum capacity of words: from 3000 up to 4000-5000


The "fill in the blanks notebooks" contain 2500 words about 68 different topics. These words and phrases can be found on the left page. The right page is always empty graph paper. The idea is that you don't need to find out which are the most essential words that you need to know about a topic, because you can already find them on the left page.

Then after that you still have space on the right page to add vocabulary relevant to you. Everyone has different needs for vocabulary depending on their hobbies, interests, occupation and life situation so that's why it's important to have an empty page where you can add words that you need in your everyday life. Like this you can find all the essential vocabulary + vocabulary relevant to you in only one spread. 

Depending on how you use the empty pages you will probably have at least 3000 words after filling in the whole notebook, but maybe even up to 4000-5000. 

structure of the fill in the blanks language notebook

Here below is a picture of the contents. The goal was to create a notebook where you can find a topic for any word. So when you learn new words you can decide yourself where it fits the best. 

contents page 1contents page 2

Space for alphabets and writing systems

After the contents you have one completely empty spread before the first chapter so that you can write the alphabet of your target language. This is especially useful for languages that use totally different writing systems. 

Vocabulary and grammar 

Chapters 1-60 contain vocabulary related to different topics. Chapters 61-68 are grammar related chapters like pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and so on. There you can add for example grammar points on the empty pages. 


Chapter 2. Introduction 

chapter 2 introdution

Chapter 61. Pronouns 

chapter 61 pronouns

The numbers of the chapters might change a little bit if we update the notebooks and change the order. 

How to use the fill in the blanks notebooks? 
There are many ways to use it. So I will list a few of them that we've used. 

1. Language classes
In Korean and Northern Sámi classes we actually kept this language notebook always close and wrote the important words that we learned during the class. On language classes you can also ask the teacher how to say different things and then write down those words. 

2. Google translate and other dictionaries
This is not the best way but Google Translate is already quite good in individual words and simple phrases. You can use these to find the translations in your target language, but then it would be important to go through the answers with a native speaker. In some languages Google Translate and other will give you technically a correct answer, but in reality the word or phrase might be so formal or outdated that nobody would use it or even understand it. 

3. Language Tandem with a language buddy
This is the best way in our opinion. You can first use online dictionaries to write  the answers and then go through all of the words with your language buddy. In case you have more time then you can just ask the answers from you language buddy. After that you could try to conjugate the verbs, start creating simple phrases and later more complex ones using the vocabulary found in a specific topic. Then practice it until you can fluently speak about the topic and review it later so you won't forget what you learned. 

So don't waste your time using empty journals for you language learning, but get our fill in the blanks notebooks and start learning in a more organized way. You can find all our notebooks on our shop section. The price is 12,90€ + shipping. 

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