Northern Sámi Notebook Chapter 2: Introduction

(My own learning notes, I use online dictionaries Neurotõlge and Sanit to find the translations. Let me know if there are errors, then I'll edit this publication.)
Chapter 2: Introduction - Oahpásmuvvan

What's your name? - Mii du namma lea?
My name is ... - Mu namma lea ...
You can call me ... - Don sáhtát gohčodit mu ...

Who are you? - Gii don leat?
Let me introduce myself - Háliidan mu oahpásmuvvat (Not sure if this phrase is used! Also this sentence has been left out from the newest notebook version)
I am ... - Mun lean ...

How old are you? - Man boaris don leat?
I'm ... years old - Mun lean ... jagi boaris

Age - ahki
Year - jahki
First name - namma
Family name - goargu / sohkanamma
Nickname - jielahastalannamma
Mr. - Hearrá
Mrs. - Roavvá
Miss - (dictionaries said nieida, which means a girl)
Boy - gandá
Girl - nieida

To be (fine or bad) - veadjit (hard to translate correctly in English)
To call (by name) - gohčodit
To fare - gullot (hard to translate correctly in English)
To get to know someone - oahpásmuvvat
To greet - dearvahallat / buorástahttit
To introduce - oahpásmahttit
To know someone - dovdat

My phrases on the empty right page

Like you can see on the left page there were essential phrases and words and on the right page there's empty graph paper to add important vocabulary to yourself. I've written there randomly parts of dialogues from the textbooks used in our Northern Sámi classes and from other sources as well. Basically anything that I consider useful to know about the given topic.


Máhtte wants to get to know Bíret-Iŋga - Máhtte hálida oahpasmuvvat Bíret-Iŋgai

To want: háliidit

Máhtte greets her by hand and says "hi" - Máhtte dearvvaha su vel gieđas ja dadja "bures"

To say: dadjat
Hand: giehta (nominative), gieđas (locative form)

Bíret-Iŋga answers "hi" - Bíret-Iŋga vástida "bures bures"

To answer: vástidit

I'm a boy/girl - Mun lean gánda/nieida

Máhtte wants to tell about himself and ask how Biret-Iŋga is doing - Máhtte halida muitalit iežas birra ja jearrat Biret-Iŋggas ságaid

To tell: muitalit
Self: ieš
About himself: iežas birra
To ask: jearrat
News: ságat (nominative), ságaid (accusative-genitive form)
Thing, topic, matter: sáhka (nominative), ságaid (accusative-genitive form)

How are you doing? - Mo don ealát?
I'm doing fine - Mun ealán dearvan

Dearvan - healthy

I apologize - Ánun ándagassii

It's nothing/No problem - Ii das mihkkige

It - dat (nominative), das (locative) "in it"
Anything at all - mihkkige


Vocabulary learned: 47 words/phrases
Phrases (left page): 8 
Phrases (right page): 9
Nouns/adjectives/others (left page): 10
Nouns/adjectives/others (right page): 8
Verbs (left page): 7
Verbs (right page): 5

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