Polyglot Podcast: Language Podcast with Episodes in 9 Languages

Polyglot Podcast is the name of our podcast that we started recording in July 2023. Our goal is to spread information about all the cultures and languages of the world through the personal stories of our guests. We talk about our guest's language background including the languages spoken in their family currently and in the past, language education in their school time and how it might have changed since then due to digitalization and better access to learning materials. 

Here's a list of episodes by language: 
  1. English episodes
  2. Finnish episodes
  3. Swedish episodes
  4. Spanish episodes
  5. Portuguese episodes
  6. Italian episodes
  7. German episodes
  8. Russian episodes
  9. Estonian episodes

Everyone from monolinguals to bilinguals, trilinguals, polyglots and hyperpolyglots are welcome to talk with us. We believe that everyone has a unique language background. It is interesting to have people from different backgrounds to talk about their life from the perspective of languages. These episodes will be a time capsule for the future to show how people born in the 1900s and 2000s learned and spoke different languages. 

If you feel like you have something interesting to share with us then leave a message to us by mail (ultimatelanguagenotebook@gmail.com) or to our DM @arcticpolyglots on Instagram. 

We are really interested if you meet even one of the criteria here: 

  1. Living abroad
    - how you learned the local language
    - how you gave up learning the local language after trying 
    - how you didn't even try to learn the local language

  2. Learning multiple languages
    - how you started learning languages 
    - how you chose your target languages

  3. Being a monolingual
    - speaking only your native language in a local dialect
    - speaking a dialect not spoken by the younger generations
    - other languages from the perspective of a monolingual
    - how language education was in the guest's childhood  

  4. Speaking a language with few native speakers 
    - is the language your native language 
    - if not then why you started learning the language
    - how to find learning materials 
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