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Ultimate Dutch Notebook

Ultimate Dutch Notebook

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The Ultimate Dutch Notebook is a structured vocabulary notebook for Dutch learners. The notebook has 160 pages including 65 different topics.The left pages have word and phrase lists which teach you in total more than 3000+ unique words and 600+ phrases.

The right pages of every chapter are empty so you can add there vocabulary and notes that are relevant to you about the specific topic. In addition there are several empty spreads in the end of the notebook. So after filling all the 80 empty pages you could reach up to 5000-6000 words. The grammar section has mostly charts about the most important grammatical points and a collection of the most common verbs, adjectives, adverbs, linking words and sentence starters for instance. So with the Ultimate Dutch Notebook you would have all the most important vocabulary and grammar inside one notebook.

Use this notebook as the center of your Dutch studies and use it together with other learning resources like applications, text books, Dutch classes or whatever you like and always add the words and phrases that you have learned in this notebook. The notebook is also suitable for Dutch speakers who want to learn English, because all the content is both in Dutch and English.

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